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Terri Albanese - painting with glass

Terri Albanese - glass painter

As Founder and President of The Hazelbaker Purcell Group, a new door opened.  It began with the breathtaking mosaics in Italy - they completely captivated her and gave her a desire to learn more about this ancient and timeless art form.  And, while studying the classical setting of mosaics at the Miami Mosaic Academy, Miami, Florida, it was Terri's desire to create an original style that would emulate her illustration style and give her the freedom to "paint with glass."

Terri strives to take a rigid, sharp, unforgiving material like glass and transform it into a delicate, refined and inspirational piece of art.  Her designs vary from literal interpretations to capturing the essence of an image. What does remain consistent is her desire to evoke emotions of joy, peace and encouragement.

What she finds intriguing is when a person approaches one of her glass paintings with the desire to touch it. They gently glide their fingertips over cut glass. Every instinct in their body tells them not to touch, after all it is cut glass. But they are compelled to touch - and this fascinates her. She encourages gallery owners and curators to allow their guests to touch her glass paintings as this pulls them in closer to the art.

As a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Graphic Design, Terri learned the importance of conceptual design. It is important to her that her pieces tell a story - as they are created for those who want to reveal something about themselves, their personal interests and their love for original art.

Terri's personal experiences, faith, cultural interests, love of nature, and the people in her life inspire her pieces. Seeing the beauty in life and all it's wonders - Terri's art celebrates life. 

Terri's pieces can be found in personal and corporate collections throughout the United States, Hong Kong and Israel.