Terri Albanese - painting with glass

Quiet Inspiration
While wandering through a garden it becomes her private world of splendor. These moments are calm, yet breathtaking moments. She sees the early morning sun awaken a flower, the midday sun cast dramatic shadows and leaves dramatically backlit by the afternoon sun.

"This Inspired This."

The Beauty of Silence
Terri is fascinated by the beauty of balance in nature.
The strength of an oak tree |  Fragility of a tulip petal
A spectacular sunrise |  Star filled heavens
Formation of storm clouds | A delicate snow flake
Majestic mountains |  Ebb and flow of the ocean
Force of a Spring storm | A rainbow in the eastern sky
A Great Blue Heron in flight | A hovering hummingbird 

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About the Artist - Her Creativity is Driven by Inspiration.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Terri’s journey began with the breathtaking mosaics in Italy – they completely captivated her.  She was inspired to learn more about this ancient and timeless art form, and while studying the classical setting of mosaics at the Miami Mosaic Academy in Miami, Florida she embarked on an unexpected journey.  Terri was driven to create an original, unique art style, one that would emulate her illustration style and give her the freedom to "paint with glass".

Terri strives to take a rigid, sharp, unforgiving material like glass and transform it into a delicate, refined piece of glass art.  Her art is conceptually and aesthetically driven with designs that vary from literal interpretations to capturing the essence of an image, moving from representational to abstract. What does remain consistent is her desire to evoke emotions of joy, peace and hope.

What she finds intriguing is when a person approaches one of her glass paintings with the desire to touch it. They gently glide their fingertips over cut glass. Every instinct in their body tells them not to touch, after all it is cut glass. But they are compelled to touch - and this fascinates her. She encourages gallery owners and curators to allow their guests to touch her glass paintings as this pulls them in closer to the art.
The question she is most often asked is "how do you do this and where do you begin?".
It begins with inspiration - inspiration leads to a concept – a concept is shaped with symbolism and this becomes the foundation of the design. And from here she begins to paint with glass.

It is important to her that her pieces tell a story - as they are created for those who want to reveal something about themselves, their personal interests and their love for original art.  Terri's personal experiences, faith and love of nature inspire her glass art paintings.

Seeing the beauty in life and all it's wonders - Terri's art celebrates life. 


Capturing the Essence
The foundation of Terri’s concepts is to capture the essence of an image and emphasize the meaning behind the subject. She communicates the emotional experience through composition and color. 
It gives her glass paintings depth through 
form, feeling and rhythm.

Standing Nearby  |  12" x 12"                                                  Another Angle Flies  |  21" x 21"                                       Detail of Brought Together | 12" x 12"

“Your work truly does inspire my spirit - it makes me want to stop the hectic pace and remember there is more to this life.” – Anita Pelino

selected by Ohio's First Lady,  Council as Ohio's Spotlight Artist.

Terri Albanese - glass painter

"Out of the Storm" was inspired by a single calla lily found on the grounds of a winery in Napa Valley.
This lily was standing among others that had fallen - she survived the storm.

Out of the Storm |  12" x 12"

Terri was honored to have been Karen W. Kasich and the Ohio Arts