""First Gleam of Dawn"  |  48" x 68"

Private Residence  |  Bexley, Ohio 
Terri worked with the homeowner to create a piece that celebrates their Jewish heritage.
This glass painting symbolizes the Feast of
the Harvest.

"This Inspired This."

""Harvest at Dusk"  |  48" x 72"
Ohio Corn Growers Association  - Delaware, Ohio

Commissioned for the Boardroom, Terri worked with the client to create

a glass painting that celebrates the harvest and the excited anticipation

of the reward of every farmer.

Just After Sunrise  |  42" x 78

""Red Winter"  |  44" x 68"
Ohio Small Grains Program  - Delaware, Ohio

While working with the client on a concept for this commissioned piece Terri created a piece - to symbolize the impact the farmers who grow Red Winter Wheat have on our economy, our food supply and our communities.

Detail of "Red Winter"

“Terri, your work is truly amazing! Your inspiration photo is incredible! I’ve never seen a magnolia bloom like this – and your creative interpretation is unbelievable.” – Marsha Mucks

“Beautiful awakening colors.” – Igal Gershoni

Detail of "Harvest at Dusk"

Terri Albanese   |   614.781.1141  |  Terri@TerriAlbanese.com

""The Beauty of Giving"  |  48" x 72"
Private Residence  - New Albany, Ohio

A couple just retired and down-sized their home and wanted to a commission a piece for a living area in their new home. Terri worked with their interior designer to create a piece that would capture the essence of one of their favorite flowers and bring serenity into the room.

The journey of collaborating and creating.
It is an exciting journey for Terri - collaborating with collectors and art consultants to create one-of-a-kind glass paintings.

It starts with a dream, or a vision, maybe a photograph, or even a memory. Terri listens – listens to your dreams and goals. Where will the glass painting be displayed?  What impact do you want this piece to have? What is the purpose of this piece?  What emotions do you want to evoke?  Representational or abstract? What colors and why? And so the journey begins.

"Just After Sunrise"  |  National Corporate Headquarters |               42" x 78"
While collaborating with Brandt Roberts Galleries and Art Consultant, Michael Reese,
"Just After Sunrise" was created for the national headquarters of a corporate client.  The clients desire was to commission a glass painting to inspire and bring energy and excitement to their employees as they walk through the doors.  Currently hanging in a temporary space, the permanent home for "Just After Sunrise" will be at the entrance of a new building - welcoming employees each morning and awakening emotions that spark a fire within.

"While running in the silence of the early morning, I was stopped by the wonder of a 40’ Magnolia tree - these magnificent flowers, that I had never seen before, were floating on top of the branches.
A symbol of beauty, joy, endurance and perseverance, yellow Magnolia flowers bloom boldly and are evidence that life is beautiful. Live it boldly! -Terri

""Colors of Courage" |  82" x 96"
Art Prize
| Spectrum Health Group  - Grand Rapids, Michigan
This piece was created for the lobby of the Spectrum Health Group - with the goal to turn the heads of those who walk through their door and think of what unites us as Americans.

Terri Albanese - painting with glass

Collaborating and Creating
Terri has collaborated with interior designers, art consultants and space planners to create glass art paintings for public spaces, healthcare facilities, boardrooms and private collections – for spaces that are designed to inspire and bring hope and a sense of calm.
Springfield Medical Center
The Ohio State University Medical Center
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Ohio Corn Growers Association
Ohio Small Grains Program

Art Prize | Spectrum Medical Group
Private residents

The Process.
Terri asks questions and she listens.
Ideas are shared and discussions take place. Terri takes what she’s learned from the conversations and spends time thinking, pondering and exploring. From here she creates a Concept Board - a color illustration with samples of the glass she’ll use.  She talks through her concept and design with you, the symbolism of the piece and the connection between colors and emotions. And she listens.  Then the painting with glass begins.  She wants you to enjoy the journey.

"Giving Light"  |  52" x 52"
Springfield Medical Center - Springfield, Ohio
Terri worked with Senior Designers with Spellman Brady & Company, St. Louis, Missouri who commissioned this piece for their client.  This glass painting was created as an unspoken means to bring hope to those who walk through these Chapel doors.

Terri would love to talk with you about your ideas for a commissioned piece. For more information on  commissioning a glass painting from Terri, please complete this form or call her - 614.781.1141. 


"Commissioned art is a collaboration:  your inspiration | my design."  - Terri
A piece of art has the ability to evoke powerful emotions within a given space. Terri creates glass paintings to enrich an
environment and to have an immediate impact on the emotional wellbeing of others. Her work is an invitation to the viewer, to stop and take a breath, if only for a moment. Terri has collaborated with interior designers and art consultants to create glass paintings for public spaces, healthcare  facilities, corporations and private collections – for spaces that are created to inspire and bring serenity and hope.