With perseverance                                            SOLD 


       Burst into bloom                          SOLD 

       The setting sun                                                                           SOLD 

From a distance  |   BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

       Colors of Courage                                                                                                       SOLD

With a few others                     Triptych individually framed                                       SOLD

       Stand in awe                                                        SOLD 

       Giving joy                                           SOLD

Harvest at dusk                                                                                                                                                          Commissioned for a private collection.    

Glass is her medium.
Are her pieces glass paintings or glass sculpture? They are both.
The style of Terri’s glass art remains consistent – it emulates her illustration style and her concepts, design, technique and medium clearly differentiates her work.
Conceptually and aesthetically driven.
Terri’s glass art paintings are conceptually and aesthetically driven with designs that vary from literal interpretations to capturing the essence of a subject - moving from representational art to abstract art. What does remain consistent is her desire to evoke emotions of hope, joy and peace.
The reward is when a person is emotionally moved by one of her paintings - so much so, that they desire to live with it, or it becomes inspiration for a custom commissioned art piece.
Seeing the beauty in this world and all it's wonders - Terri's art celebrates life.

Terri Albanese   |   614.781.1141  |  Terri@TerriAlbanese.com

In Darkness Light Shines                                                        SOLD            

Sincerity of love        Commissioned for a private collection            

Brought together                        BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

Red Winter                                                                              Commissioned for a private collection.     

Giving light                                                                                               

       Giving peace                                            SOLD

       Franklin Park Conservatory - In conjunction with the Chihuly Re-imagined Exhibition                      

       Find joy and blossom                                                                 SOLD 

Morning by Morning                                                       SOLD

Glass paintings for private and corporate art collections.
Designed to view from a distance, Terri wants to slowly pull you in to connect with her contemporary glass paintings and get lost in the details.  Terri's gallery and custom commissioned art are created for those who want to reveal something about themselves and their love for original art. 
Her pieces can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Hong Kong and Israel.


Beside quiet waters  |  Triptych                       BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

Commissioned for a private collection    

Touched by the dew   |   BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

The beauty of giving                   Commissioned for a private collection.      

Windswept                                                                                                                                               Commissioned for a private collection    

A new beginning                          SOLD  

       Light for my path                                                       SOLD 

     With a promise                                      TerriAlbanese.com 

       The night is a dream                              SOLD 

  Warmth of the sand                                                 SOLD 

Rise in the darkness     BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

Another angel flies                                                                   SOLD                       

The beauty of giving    

       Drenched in Golden Light                                              SOLD 

       Shadow of your wings                                                                               SOLD 

       The pearl                                                         SOLD 

       Giving strength                                            SOLD

Voice of the meadow  | BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

Red Winter                                                                                 Detail     

Giving light                                                                                       Commissioned for a private collection.    

Terri Albanese - painting with glass

          Open to you                                                                 SOLD 

The night cloud                                                                   SOLD                                 

The first gleam of dawn                                                                                   Commissioned for a private collection    

      Glorious freedom                                                                             SOLD 

The first gleam of dawn                                                                                    

Graciously give                                                        SOLD

Out of the storm     BrandtRobertsGalleries.com

Giving light                                     Detail                                                                    

In the shade of it's branches

Harvest at dusk                                   Detail                                                                                                                                                     

       Reach to the skies                           TerriAlbanese.com 

       Standing nearby                                              SOLD 

Harvest at dusk                                     Detail