With one another  | 12" x 12"

Terri Albanese   |   614.781.1141  |  Terri@TerriAlbanese.com

Glass Art Created One piece at a Time
Light beautifully reflects off this glass and the magnificent colors and textures allow her to create pieces with a dynamic sense of movement, depth, highlights and shadows, subtle variations and dramatic contrasts.  
Her glass art paintings are created one piece at a time. Using tools that glass artists have used for centuries, she hand-cuts the glass into long thin strips with various widths. These strips of glass become her palette. With meticulous precision she places them side-by-side, building colors and textures similar to a painter with brushstrokes.

 She adds dimension to her work with a relief-style technique, use of resins and a painterly method to move color. through a piece.

Painting with Glass - The Process
From inspiration to completion.

Get Lost in the Details
Her intention is for the eye to move freely from one tesserae (piece of glass) to another, without interruption. Therefore, she butt-joints the tesserae.
Terri's pieces are designed to view from a distance and slowly pull you in, giving you the opportunity to get lost in the design, details, technique and beautiful glass. Look closely at each of her glass paintings and you’ll find a tiny piece of gold smalti – it’s her signature, a reminder of the mosaic that inspired her 
while walking the streets of Montepulciano.


“Terri's glass paintings are so lovely, even though I've watched videos of her process, I STILL don't know how she does it!  She captures the soul and beauty of nature in such a unique way, I feel an immediate sense of peace and connection to the natural world when I view her work.” – Carrie Cook

View this video to see Youghiogheny glass being made.
A minimum of 6 craftsman will touch a piece of 
handcrafted Youghiogheny Glass. 

Painting with Glass

Terri chose glass as her medium because of the depth, brilliance, reflection and refraction that can only be found in glass.  She uses Youghiogheny Glass, handcrafted in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. This glass is world renowned for its uncompromising quality and colors that were designed to recreate the magnificent colors of nature.  Youghiogheny Glass has an aesthetic uniqueness of color, textural waves, striations, random bubbles and a variety of other natural effects - each piece of glass is an original piece
of art in itself.

Please  Touch the Glass Art
Please, touch her glass art paintings.
When visiting art galleries and exhibitions people are constantly instructed: “Do not touch.” 
However, Terri is fascinated with the public’s desire to touch her glass art paintings and she encourages them to do so - this allows them to be pulled even further into the art. 

Terri hand-cuts the glass into long thing strips.
It's completely fulfilling and at times totally frustrating,

but it's just part of the process.

These glass strips become her palette.

"This Inspired This."

An iris garden that inspired Terri to create this glass painting - With One Another