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Terri's unique style originated while studying the classical setting of mosaics in Miami, Florida.

It was her desire to create an original style -

one to emulate her illustration style and give her the freedom to "paint with glass." 

Terri Albanese - painting with glass

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Terri chose glass as her medium because of the depth, brilliance, reflection and refraction that can only be found in glass. She primarily uses Youghiogheny Glass, manufactured in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. This handcrafted glass has an aesthetic uniqueness of color, textural waves, striations, random bubbles and a variety of other natural effects - each piece of glass is an original piece of art in itself.

Light beautifully reflects off this glass and the magnificent colors and textures allow her to create pieces with a dynamic sense of movement, depth, highlights, shadows, subtle variations and dramatic contrasts.  Her glass paintings are created one piece at a time - taking a hard, rigid, sharp and unforgiving medium like glass and transforming it into a refined and inspirational piece of art. Using primitive tools she hand-cuts the glass into long thin strips, which becomes her palette. With meticulous precision she places them side-by-side, building colors and textures similar to a painter with brushstrokes.

Her intention is for the eye to move freely from one tesserae to another, without interruption. Therefore, she butt-joints the tesserae and uses no grout. Terri's pieces are designed to view from a distance and slowly pull you in, giving you the opportunity to get lost in the details, technique and beautiful glass. Strategically placed throughout her paintings are accent pieces of raindrops, millefiori, quartz, stringers and smalti to move the eye, stop the eye, move color and provide additional depth and texture.

Look closely at each of her glass paintings and you’ll find a tiny piece of gold smalti – a reminder of the mosaic that inspired her when walking the streets of Montepulciano.

Seeing the beauty in this world and all it's wonders - Terri's art celebrates life.