Floral Inspired Art
Terri is specifically inspired by flora. 
Have you ever looked closely at the color of a flower petal?
Have you seen blossoms floating in the shadows of dusk?
Have you ever been suddenly stopped by the scent of a lily?
This is what inspires her.


Glass Paintings or Glass Sculptures?
Some art collectors look at her glass art and see glass paintings -
others see glass sculptures.
Either way, they see a technique that is truly unique and unlike any other glass art form.
Whether created as a commissioned art piece
or for a gallery, Terri’s desire is for her glass art to bring light into our world.
Terri’s work can be found in private and corporate collections in the
United States, Hong Kong and Israel.

Detail of Touched by the dew

When we find ourselves in the midst of the fire, the burning desires within us can be silenced.

Just as sand is beautifully transformed into glass under fire, we too, can be transformed.
As a contemporary glass artist, Terri's glass paintings are created to transform us - to awaken emotions within us.


"This Inspired This."

As you explore this website, you’ll find “This Inspired This.” - photographs she has taken 

of images that inspired her and moved her to create glass paintings. 

Detail of The harvest

Terri Albanese   |   614.781.1141  |  Terri@TerriAlbanese.com

Gallery Representation
Brandt-Roberts Galleries
642 North High Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215  |  614.223.1655 

All works of art © Terri Albanese All Rights Reserved


Nature Inspired Art
With the noise found in our every day world, she retreats to nature to find inspiration, to find peace and to experience the beauty of silence. 
Seasonally, she is inspired –
Spring brings splendor and hope,
Summer gives way to joy,
Autumn brings jewel-tone colors expressing thankfulness,
and Winter is an oasis of calm.

The Inspiration
Terri's creativity is driven by inspiration. 
It’s internally driven – she uses what she sees to help express what is inside of her.  It comes deep from within.

As an art student, Terri was inspired by Renoir and his philosophy quickly became hers.  
“To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful, and pretty, yes pretty! There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them.” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

If it is hopeful, if it is joyful, if it offers peace or brings light it most likely will inspire her.
Seeing the beauty in this world and all it's wonders - Terri's art celebrates life. 

With a few others  |  20" x 36"

The setting sun  |  12" x 12"

Announcements | Upcoming Exhibitions

September 4 - October 2, 2019

Opening Reception September 6, 2019
642 North High Street | Columbus, Ohio

The University of South Carolina

Scholarship recipient to attend the
University of South Carolina School of Music
Saavy Arts Experience 2019, for artists from
different practices.

Terri Albanese is a 2019 Fellow in
The Clark Hulings Fund's
Art-Business Accelerator Program.

The Clark Hulings Fund's Art-Business Accelerator equips professional visual artists with critical entrepreneurial skills, business tools, technology, and networks of peers and experts, so they can make a sustainable living through the creation of their art.

Designed with a graceful and peaceful style –

Terri’s glass paintings are created with a dramatic sense of movement, depth, texture

and color. Her works of art symbolize the

emotional impact of floras.